What Is Borabora?

BTC and ETH hold a substantial share in the cryptocurrency market. However, in the realm of long-tail assets, there are approximately 30,000+ tokens that currently cannot be used in derivative trading, leaving a significant gap in the market. We believe these long-tail assets have untapped upside potential, which can be realized once derivative markets are established for them.

Borabora is a decentralized derivative finance protocol designed to fill this gap. The developments include:

  • 2022 Q2: Development of the Protocol-Owned Liquidity (POL) model. This marks the first experimental development of the Borabora protocol.

  • 2022 Q4: Development of the Universal Native Pool. This allows anyone to become a liquidity provider without needing permission, offering a way to earn income.

  • 2023 Q1: Development of the Aggregated Pool. This involves pooled liquidity being dynamically shared across trading assets to achieve high utilization.

  • 2023 Q3: Development of the Isolated Pool. Tailored for long-tail tokens, these Isolated Pools provide an innovative solution for assets that are not widely traded but still require market liquidity. They allow users to create and trade derivatives, and provide independent liquidity without intermediaries or KYC processes.

Borabora aims to offer a new foundation for decentralized finance, enabling broader market participation and innovation.

Core Principles

  • Decentralization & Trust: At its core, Borabora is built on decentralization principles. It operates as a peer-to-peer system, ensuring that your assets remain securely under your control.

  • Transparency & Security: With a foundation built on blockchain technology, Borabora offers complete transparency. Our commitment to security is second to none, backed by rigorous audits and significant investments to bolster our defenses.

Borabora services the entire spectrum of market participants:

  • Traders who are looking to directionally position themselves or delta hedge their portfolio

  • LPs seeking to earn a passive yield on their assets

  • Potential shareholders with the desire to steer the future direction and own the treasury backing it through governance

What Solutions Does Borabora Provide to Existing Problems?

  • Transparency

  • Self-custody

  • Elimination of intermediaries

  • Simple user interface


Borabora solves the problem of obscured Proof of Reserves and Balance Sheets on centralized exchanges. Users can enjoy the transparency of on-chain trading where all trader positions and balances are accessible, along with the entire liquidity and treasury of the protocol.


The platform offers a self-custody solution with full autonomy for users. Unlike traditional centralized exchanges (CEX), there is no personal record keeping, and no custody of funds required by Borabora. The platform supports most major wallets including Metamask, Walletconnect, Tokenpocket, Mathwallet, Binance wallet,etc.

Elimination of intermediaries

Borabora eliminates intermediaries in digital asset trading. One of the main features of decentralized finance is to enable self-sovereignty, empowering users with full ownership and self-custody of their assets, and reducing third-party risks experienced with centralized exchanges or institutions. The blockchain itself paired with Borabora’s smart contracts assumes the role of these intermediaries of the past.

Simple user interface

The platform is built with a simple interface for users, reducing the barriers to entry for newer traders. This makes it easy for traders to execute trades while managing their leverage and liquidation price properly.

Value Proposition

Borabora offers a unique value proposition, differentiating it from centralized and decentralized exchanges (DEX) in the cryptocurrency market.

  • Permissionless markets

  • Real Utility, Real Cash Flow, Real yield

  • Leverage up to 100x with either Market or Limit Orders

  • Minimal price impact trading and reduced liquidation risk with Chainlink Oracles

Project Vision

The mission of Borabora Protocol is to create an entirely permissionless decentralized margin trading infrastructure. Therefore, no permission is necessary to create a margin trading market for any pair with isolated and market-adjusted risk controls. For the long term, Borabora aims to build a decentralized crypto securities service to retail and institutional clients, providing decentralized lending, derivatives trading, and asset management infrastructure, which integrates with the global DeFi ecosystem.

We believe that the transition to a native financial layer on the internet is essential for humanity. It is free, frictionless, and not controlled by anyone.

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