Aggregated Pool

When specific underlying liquidity protocols can’t meet the position needs of traders, the Borabora Aggregator can aggregate the scattered liquidity from different trading symbol, further offering a consistent and convenient trading experience. Traders won’t need to be distracted by the liquidity supplier behind the Aggregator; they only need to focus on the unified trading interface.

In BoraBora, becoming a liquidity provider is another way to earn income besides trading. Anyone can become a liquidity provider without permission to obtain income.

  • BFLP: The Protocol's Futures Liquidity Provider Token

Users can provide liquidity by purchasing BFLP using the assets allowed by the liquidity pool. LP tokens are minted when a buy order is completed and burned when sold . The LP token price is calculated by dividing the LP pool value by the total LP supply. After purchasing LP tokens, users can stake these tokens to earn protocol revenue and other token rewards.

Minting/burning BFLP

Users can purchase BFLP tokens through assets backed by liquidity pools on the deployed blockchain network.When placing an order to mint or burn BFLP tokens, an extended processing time (currently set to T+2) is required to complete the order. The time of suspension is to prevent potential arbitrage that may damage LP: giant whales quickly gain profits by adding liquidity and leave quickly after successful arbitrage, thus harming the interests of liquidity providers and traders.

Profit and risk of BFLP

Profit sources of BFLP:

  • Loss from all traders

  • Funding fee

  • Liquidation penalty

  • Trading fee reward

Risks of BFLP

  • Since the LP is the counterparty of the trader, the LP holds a position with related risks and may suffer loss.

  • When the liquidity provider destroys BFLP to remove liquidity, it will charge 0.2% of the total redemption value as a redemption fee.

Pricing of BFLP

The initial price of BFLP is 1 unit of pot assets, and it will change according to the amount of liquidity pool assets.

Supported Symbol




Every participant has the right to decide the new assets listing by the governance voting.

Supported Margin

At present, only USDT is supported as margin for trading, more cryptocurrencies will be supported in the future, which can also be decided through protocol governance voting.

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